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JCI Baltic Summer Fest
15 juli 2022 - 17 juli 2022

Hello, dear international JCI members,

Greetings from JCI Lithuania!

The summer is already here and did you already planned your vacations? NO? 

We would like to invite you to a three-day summer summit of exciting talks, games, sport and cultural activities > JCI Baltic Summer Fest 2022 15-17th of July in Lithuania! 

During this event we hope to inspire all international and local people, get acquainted with different international cultures, get to know more about Lithuania culture, make new contacts, exchange new projects and activities ideas and of course get a sip of pure Lithuanian weather and just have fun and relax! 

What to expect?

· Fun and active, educational activities in a City of Lakes - Trakai!

· To feel the spirit of teamwork and adrenaline with the Baltic Challenge!

· To enjoy the rivers of Trakai district in a traditional kayaking trip!

· To have a good time and get acquainted with the traditions of the Lithuanian folk and other countries in Baltic Village!

Want to already feel a little bit of the Baltic Summer Fest mood? Hey, we can share it HERE!


All event information, prices and tickets:

More details of the event will be revealed as the event approaches!

Also you can follow the event updates on Facebook.


SAVE THE DATE NOW, since it can be one of the different kinds of weekends or vacations to you, where not only you can take your family with you, meet long-lost international JCI friends, make new acquaintances, but also have an unreal fun and relaxing time! 

European Academy
5 aug 2022 - 8 aug 2022

The JCI European Academy is a leadership academy and a once in a lifetime experience. The academy provides personal development as well as the tools and knowledge to take on leadership positions.

Graduates go on to become outstanding leaders who positively impact societies locally, nationally and internationally.

Apply now and before May 1st at 

JCI International Crayfish Conference
12 aug 2022 - 14 aug 2022
JCI Sweden is hosting the JCI International Crayfish Conference on August 12-14 in Halmstad, Sweden!
This year, we celebrate the 65th JCI International Crayfish Conference in Halmstad. It is the longest-running JCI project by a local chapter in the world.
During the weekend there will be a traditional Swedish crayfish party, keynote speakers, laughter and a gala dinner. Over the years the event’s focus has been fun & friendship – with a perfect opportunity to exchange experiences, meet, learn and grow within JCI.
Our keynote speakers will talk about on how to build your own brand on Linkedin with focus on JCI; health, motivation and how to, as a leader, create an environment where people thrive have fun and perform at the best of the abilities; and last, but nor least, a famous Swedish author and former police commissioner will talk about leadership and master suppression techniques.
We welcome you all to Halmstad, the second weekend of August, to celebrate our 65th JCI International Crayfish Conference.
Check out the website here and book your ticket now!

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