We are JCI the Netherlands. JCI stands for the Junior Chambers International and is a networking organisation for enterprising people, until the age of 40, who are looking for personal development opportunities.

JCI is based on four pillars: Community, Training, Business, and International. Thanks to those pillars, members’ motivation to join JCI varies greatly. Nonetheless, we share a common positive energy.

Our members actively develop a network, contribute towards a positive change in society, and view the time they invest in JCI as compensation for the energy they get from being an active member of JCI. That’s what we call “learning by doing”. JCI regularly organises national and international events and workshops around a diverse range of themes.

We’re an active, international organisation with more than 170.000 members in more than 115 countries and more than 5.000 cities across the world. In the Netherlands we have 1.700 members and 85 active local organisations.

We have the same vision worldwide: 'To be the leading global network of young active citizens'. We achieve this vision by investing in our mission: 'To provide development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change'.

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